Haiti – Grand’Anse Region


15 villages in Grand’Anse Region

Country : Haiti

15 villages in Grand’Anse Region

Estimated population in the region : 425 878 inhabitants

Number of beneficiaries : 15 000 people

Installation Date : November 2016


On October 4, 2016, the Grand’Anse region in southwestern Haiti was devastated by Hurricane Matthew, killing thousands and causing considerable health damage. As few weeks after the Hurricane, there were cases of cholera in the area.

Nantes Métropole and the Grand’Anse region has been in international cooperation for 6 years. The urgency is there and Nantes Métropole decides to send 15 Safe Water Cube fountains to 15 villages.

In partnership with the Association of Mayors of Grand’Anse (AMAGA), the Agir Ensemble association has deployed 2 people for the installation of 15 fountains.

Learn more about this action, please read our blog post : Carnet de bord – Mission Haïti

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