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Educational project

We set up projects with French schools where we work with the teaching staff to teach children the following topics:

  • The problem of drinking water in the world
  • Water quality in France and in developing countries
  • The migration of rural populations to cities because of the missing access to water, sanitation
  • Social and environmental issues
  • Waste treatment
  • Wastewater management

These educational projects are carried out with primary school and college teachers for children aged between 6 and 15 years old.

The Association has developed educational tools:

  • A play (translated): “The Curse of the Gnouilles” which features two “rival” tribes for access to the resource and concludes the need for a collegial approach and solidarity. It is played by children from schools / recreation centers in France and in the schools of the villages where we set up our projects.
Download the play

An illustrated story inspired by the play available by order via our website – only in French

6 steps of our educational project

1 – Intervention of Jean-Paul Augereau

Intervention of Jean-Paul in French schools..

Expert in water treatment and access to water, he educates students about the importance of drinking water and offers a demonstration of the Safe Water Cube fountain.

2 – Creation of an educational project

Creation of a project with the teaching team to study the water related issues discussed in the Science and Geography courses.

3 – Creation of social link

Linking schools. An inter-school relationship initiated by the associations allows social and cultural exchange between students.

4 – Local Press Relation

Press article on the partnership established with the invested institution of the project.

5 – Set up a project

Students set up a project to raise the funds. This cohesion around the project allows them to acquire skills in the organization of a social project.

6 – Implementation of actions

Actions such as rice bowl or solidarity races are organized by the students. The profits are donated to the Agir Ensemble Association .

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