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Agriculture, reforestation and circular economy

Promote economic autonomy and reduce rural exodus: another of our priorities

After two and a half years of experience and the installation of 162 Safe Water Cube fountains giving access to water to more than 162,000 people including 120,000 children in 12 countries of the world, the Agir Ensemble Association and the Safe Water Cube staffing decided to put in place concrete actions for agriculture, reforestation and the circular economy.


In Ivory Coast, the Agir Ensemble Association after having made a first fountain installation partnership with the NGO Adia Tchin, decided to develop its partnership by financing a group of 320 women, spread over 10 villages, in order to help them produce and live food crops.

The support of the Agir Ensemble association is realized by the financing of equipment of cultures, transport equipment, irrigation and equipment of transformations of the harvested productions.


Due to deforestation caused by the massive use of wood in food cooking, unfortunately, in many parts of the world, the water table is drying up for many months of the year.

The Agir Ensemble association has therefore decided to create a partnership with Water and Forests and the local population of the region of Bondoukou in northern Côte d’Ivoire to replant 30,000 trees.

Circular Economy

The targets of setting up circular economies is to enable all rural populations to live off their work by giving everyone access to drinking water and the financial resources necessary for their well-being and their settlements.

In Madagascar, the Agir Ensemble association has created a group of farmers to plant more than 8,000 feet of Moringa one of the “tree of life”, which by 2020 will provide a food supplement to more than 100,000 people in the country of which 10,000 children will benefit from it free in the schools every day.

The results

Job creation

Micro-businesses can create jobs to support the local economy through the development of agriculture and to settle the population.


In order to transform the products of agriculture, it is necessary to use drinking water. That’s why Safe Water Cube is a major player in micro-businesses.

New Safe Water Cube fountains

A percentage of the price on all realized sales allows to finance new fountains Safe Water Cube in the different villages of agricultural production.

Thus, the whole population benefits from the work of all.

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