Health Division

Health, Food and Social Sector Division

After two and a half years of experience and the installation of 180 Safe Water Cube fountains giving access to water to more than 180,000 people including 120,000 children in 12 countries of the world, the Agir Ensemble Association and the Safe Water Cube staffing have decided to put in place concrete actions for health, food and social.

Education and health


Since September 2018, in addition to having installed a Safe Water Cube fountain allowing access to drinking water, Agir Ensemble finances the 40,000 meals of Sacré Coeur school in the countryside 4 km from Antsirabe .

This has allowed the number of out-of-school students to increase by 20%.


Absenteeism due to illness has dropped by 85%.


Because unfortunately people in distress do not have the means to have access to the necessary care, the Association Agir Ensemble, has created a health center with a nurse, Odil Jamin, CHU Nantes health executive and a pharmacist, Gabriele Roesch, specialized in aromatherapy (Fleur d’Essence 44).

Finally, the Agir Ensemble association has developed a partnership with ONG PHI (Pharmacie Humanitaire International) to fund first-aid drugs in clinics and thus provide free access to care for the poor.

The projects of Health Division

Interventions in existing clinics

In March 2019, a visit to the Sainte Claire Hospital of Assisi, Andraikiba in Madagascar. The Health Cluster team will conduct an analysis and evaluation of the operation (facilities, organization, drugs, replenishment) of this hospital together with Michèle Bazin, President of PHI Atlantique.

Care Education

Going to meet the people directly: 600,000 children under the age of five die mainly from diarrheal diseases.

Drugs provide symptomatic solutions, therapeutic education helps to improve efficiency. However, drinking water provides a causal and sustainable solution.

The wealth of plants

The natural resources and the richness of the plants that we meet on our trips incite our greatest interest: Moringa, Spirulina, Neem, Baobab, Artemisia.

In our database, we will gather current information about these plants and their potential uses.


Our health division is in permanent development. We act consciously, bringing together our knowledge and experiences for the betterment of our world entrusted to us.

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