Haiti : Foundation Don D’Amour (Donation of Love)

Foundation Don D’Amour – Orphanage

Country : Haiti

Communal section of the Croix des Bouquets

Population : 2000 inhabitants

Number of children under 15 : 640

Installation date : 2018


The Don D’amour Foundation is home to forty children in difficulty where they can attend school safely. Today, children do not have access to drinking water and are regularly ill (diarrheal diseases, skin problems due to unsafe water).

It is in this context that the Don D’Amour Foundation and Agir Ensemble Association partner to raise funds to allow these children to have safe access to drinking water.

Presentation of the project in the village Croix des Bouquets

The project consists of installing 1 Safe Water Cube fountain in the Don D’Amour Foundation’s orphanage to allow children and families living around the orphanage to have access to drinking water.

This project focuses on two points: WATER and HEALTH

  • The supply and installation of a Safe Water Cube fountain.
  • Provide training for children and families on the importance of drinking water.

Targets of the project:

  1. Contribute to the lasting improvement of the living conditions of the children and the neighboring inhabitants,
  2. Train children and the population to health and hygiene needs,
  3. Create 2 sustainable jobs,
  4. Increase the number of people with access to drinking water by 1,000.

Project funded : 5 500 €

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