Democratic Republic of Congo : Kizulu I

Democratic Republic of Congo
Kizulu I Village

Country : Democratic Republic of Congo

 Kizulu Village, catholic & protestant missions

Population : 20 000 inhabitants

Number of children under 15 : 15000

Expected installation date : 2019


The population has for a long time consumed river water which sometimes happens to be a bathing place for children or cleaning clothes for women.

The water sources are on the bottom of the hills, women or children have long distances to go to fetch water they hope clean. The only source supplies more than 200 households, has become a cause of quarrels and conflicts between families.

Diseases such as amoebiasis, verminosis, dysentery and even typhoid fever prevent children from studying properly and adults from being able to work efficiently in the fields.

It is in this context that the Lucienne Sallé Foundation (Congolese DZ association has been created by Lucienne Salle and M Nkoko Rolly in 2011) intervening in the DRC for many years and the Safe Water Cube endowment fund team up to raise funds to enable children and their families to have access to safe drinking water.

Presentation of the project in the village of Kizulu I

The project consists of installing 5 Safe Water Cube fountains in the village of Kizulu I within the Catholic and Protestant mission to enable 5,000 inhabitants to have access to safe drinking water and prevent the proliferation of diseases due to poor sanitation and poor water quality.

This project focuses on the following three points: WATER, HEALTH and SOCIAL LINK

  • The supply and installation of 5 Safe Water Cube fountains
  • Provide training to the public on the importance of drinking water
  • Create social link between 3 Congolese and French schools

Targets of the project:

  1. Contribute to the lasting improvement of children’s living conditions and enable them to go to school in good health.
  2. Train children and the population in health and hygiene needs
  3. Increase the number of inhabitants and students with access to drinking water by more than 5,000

The expected results :

  • Creation of 10 permanent jobs
  • Transmission of data by SMS every month
  • Transmission of the monitoring sheet to evaluate the impact of the Safe Water Cube fountain on health.

Cost of the overall project : 27 500 €

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