Haiti – Remote villages in the Gros Morne region

Remote villages in the Gros Morne region

Country : Haiti

Villages around Gros Morne Village

Population : 5 000 inhabitants

Number of children under 15 : 1 170

Fountains installed in May 2018


Energie Morbihan Association created in 2011 works in collaboration with a Haitian association named AOC.

Together, they realize projects of sustainable development, agricultural training and they create project of green schools and renewable energies.

The Safe Water Cube Endowment Fund has joined their project.

Presentation of the project in the villages near Gros Morne

The project involves installing 5 Safe Water Cube fountains in villages in the Gros Morne region of Haiti to allow 5,000 people access to safe drinking water. The goal is to eradicate cholera in this area and fight against typhoid fever and intestinal diseases.

This project focuses on the following three points: WATER, HEALTH and SOCIAL LINK

  • The supply and installation of 5 Safe Water Cube fountain.
  • Provide training to the public on the importance of drinking water.
  • Create a social link between 5 Haitian schools and 5 French schools located in the Vannes region.

Targets of the project:

  1. Contribute to sustainably improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of Grande Plaine and Gros-Morne.
  2. Fight cholera epidemics and train the population in health and hygiene needs.
  3. Increase by 5,000 people the number of inhabitants with access to drinking water.
  4. Involve the children of the schools of Haiti and Vannes to participate in the play “The Curse of the Gnouilles” to collect donations.

Funded project : 27 500 €

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