Country: France

City : Camopi

Partner : ARS & French Red Cross

Number of beneficiaries : 1200

Due date of the installation : 2022


Guiana is a French overseas department located in South America, bordering Brazil and Suriname. To date, 40,000 inhabitants (15% of the population) do not have access to a drinking water network. These are mainly isolated villages and peri-urban areas, with access to collective water points, sometimes remote.  


Camopi is a commune located on the banks of the Oyapock River and crossed by the Camopi and Yaloupi rivers. It is the 3rd largest French city by area. It is accessible by canoe, plane or helicopter. 


The French Red Cross, founded in 1864 and recognized as a public utility since 1945, has for missions emergency, first aid, social action, training, health and international action.

The Regional Health Agency (ARS) of French Guiana created in 2010 is responsible for the implementation of health policy, in coordination with partners and taking into account the specificities of the region.

Presentation of the project :

The project consists in :

  • Installation of 3 Safe Water Cube fountains

Beneficiaries :

The direct beneficiaries of the action are the inhabitants of the villages of Camopi. These are children, women, men who don’t have access to drinking water.

Implementation :

As part of an WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) action, the French Red Cross with the support of the ARS Guyane wants to test water treatment solutions for the water supply of isolated villages and families that cannot be supplied by the public water network in the municipality of Camopi. The recovery of filtered rainwater has already been tested but does not five complet satisfaction because of the lack of support of the inhabitants and the lack of water in the dry season.

The Safe Water Cube fountain will treat the inexhaustible surface water of the river and nearby rivers. Our awareness-raising actions on the importance of drinking drinking water, and the theatrical performance of children villages on the upcoming arrival of the fountains will allow people to adhere to the system. 

Expected results :

  • Access to drinking water for populations that lack it;
  • Improved health due to drinking water ;
  • Reduced school absenteeism due to water-related illness.

Global cost of the project :

18 000 €

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