Ivory Coast
10 villages in Tabagne

Country : Côte d’Ivoire

City : Tabagne

Partner : Adia Tchin

Number of beneficiaries : 10 600 personnes

Due date for the installation : 2023


The Ivory Coast’s urban drinking water sector has long been considered a model in sub-Saharan Africa, but the Ivory Coast’s more than decade-long crisis has caused delays in investment and infrastructure maintenance, resulting in massive population displacement. Contaminated drinking water increases waterborne diseases. The consumption or use of unsafe water causes cholera, dysentery, typhoid etc. Public health depends on improving access to water and sanitation in the Ivory Coast. 



Tabagne is a town in northeastern Ivory Coast. It is a subprefecture of the Bondoukou Department in the Gontougo Region, Zanzan District. In 2014, the population of the sub-prefecture of Tabagne was 16,970 inhabitants.


The NGO Adia Tchin, created in 2016, acts for the empowerment of women in ten villages in the sub-prefecture of Tabagne : Amoitini, Dedi, Dingbi, Gbané, Gnomangon, Iguela, Kouassi-Kouma, Tabagne, Wakiala, Zéré) in the Department of Bondoukou in northeastern Ivory Coast. It has 324 women in the ten villages selected for this project. The latter is supported by all the village chiefs concerned. 

Presentation of the project :

The project “Drinking water for the pupils and inhabitants of ten villages of Tabagne in Ivory Coast” consists in :

  • Build 6 wells with water towers and submersible pumps
  • Install 10 Safe Water Cube fountains in ten villages of Tabagne
  • Carry out support, training and awareness-raising actions.

Project objectives :

  1. The overall objective of the project is the economic and social development of the beneficiary villages and the slowing down of the rural exodus by allowing the communities to remain living with dignity at home.
  2. The specific objectives of the project are to improve the schooling conditions of children (increase in school enrolment, decrease in absenteeism) and improve the health of the entire population through access to safe water and awareness of hygiene and health issues.

Global cost of the project :

94 630 €

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