Ouest-France : A Rotary Club is engaged for Safe Water Cube

22 Dec Ouest-France : A Rotary Club is engaged for Safe Water Cube

A French article is dedicated to an action of the Rotary Club of Sablé Solesmes in the French newspaper Ouest France. Thanks to all their members for their involvement to allow the financing of two fountains for Benin.

See below the article and on the website of  Ouest- France (in French):

Alexandre Dujon, the new president of Rotary Club, has launched its year project to finance the installation of fountains in two schools in Benin.

Each president has its project, Alexandre Dujon wants to “bring water to a region which doesn’t have access to drinking water”.

Some weeks ago, when he reads an aritcle in Ouest France about Jean-Paul Augereau and Safe Water Cube, he found what he was looking for : this fountain entirely mechanical and able to stop microbes and viruses by passing it through various filters. All powered by a hand pump, nothing chemical or electric.

The money collected all overt his year of presidency will be dedicated to the purchase, tranportation and set up of 2 Safe Water Cube, fountains of drinking water. “We have to find between 11,000 and 12,000 euros”, precises Alexandre Dujon. The two fountains will be installed in schools at Ganvie and Dangbo in southern Benin.

In schools, it will avoid the risk of degradation. A local NGO will ensure the training of the officials of the fountain. A monitoring is used also. 

The families have to subscribe to have access to water. They pay the equivalent of 0,5€ per month without quantity limit. 500 families will enjoy drinking water and the officials earn money to finance their lifes, mentioned the new president.

To complete the action, Alexandre Dujon contacted primary schools in the Sabolian sector for an exchange to take place. “Hygiene and health issues are part of the school curriculum”.

Donations are possible on the Rotary website.

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