Escales au fil de l’eau – Destination Burma

28 Jan Escales au fil de l’eau – Destination Burma

The water problem in the world, do people have enough to drink, cook, cultivate? How are they organized to have access water access ? What are the consequences for health, work, school? These are questions of Mathilde Leclerc (journalist) and Alain Brunelière (business manager).

Eager to find answers to these questions, notebooks and camera in the luggage, they left French soil on January 5th for a 6 months trip.

Ready to meet people in seven countries around the world: Burma, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Canada, we can enjoy a report at the end of each stage of their journey.

Let’s go: direction Burma.

Safe Water Cube is a partner of their “Escales au fil de l’eau” (what means stops run-of-rivers) to share their stories.

We start with their 1st country:

In Burma, the plastic-proof tradition

Since the opening of the country in 2011, consumption of plastic bottles has explosed. The traditional jars of water found at all corners of street still have a broad support of inhabitants. In Yangon, a movement wants to use this tradition of sharing water as a bulwark against plastic pollution.


Read the article (in French only) : click here








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